WE DID IT, MAYER FAM!  We have now raised a total of $705 with this raffle, and beginning NOW everyone who donated or donates $35 (or multiples thereof) to Project One Million will get the chance to win the JM Summer Tour 2008 Jacket!!  That’s in ADDITION to being entered in the other 7 Raffle Packages pictured below!

The Tour Jacket was given by John to his band member, Tim Bradshaw, after the Summer ’08 Tour.  Tim recently brought this jacket with him from the UK and donated it to us after completing his US tour with David Gray.  Tim said that he believes that only John’s band members received these jackets, although it is possible that some of the crew got them too.  JM gave the jacket to Tim with his initials “TB” embroidered on the front.

If you haven’t entered the raffle yet, there’s still time. It endsTONIGHT at 11:59pm EST.  All drawings will take place this weekend.

To enter the raffle, donate $35 in honor of John’s birthday to The Isaac Foundation, here:   http://www.projectonemillion.ca/

Forward your email receipt to:  fanstreetteam@verizon.net

If you don’t forward your receipt to us, we won’t know about your donation and you won’t be entered into the raffles.


Please review the complete raffle rules, detailed below.


First, EVERYONE who donates $35 will get one chance to win EACH of these raffle packages.  That means if you win one package, you are still eligible to win the others!  You get one additional chance in EACH raffle for EVERY $35 you donate.  So for example, a $70 donation will get you TWO chances to win EVERY package!

Package 1:  One “Born and Raised Writing Set,” which is leather bound, embossed, and a limited edition (each is numbered, and only were 500 made).  Sells for $55 in the JM Store.

Package 2:  “John’s Inspirations” – Albert King & SRV “In Session” (special CD/DVD set);  SRV mouse pad;  two Hendrix posters (one artist rendering, one “Axis:  Bold as Love” promo poster);  one “Sting.com” mail bag;  and one Eric Clapton “Journeyman” button.

Package 3:  One “Any Given Thursday” DVD;  one T-shirt from the first Mayercraft Carrier (XL);  and one “Who Says” single promo poster.

Package 4:  Three 18”x24” Battle Studies Tour posters;  one JM fleece blanket suitable for travel;  and a square knot bracelet in black with “JM” in rhinestones.

Package 5:   One bracelet made from several hoops of memory wire and glass beads, with five interchangeable JM “guitar pick charms” which attach to a lobster claw clasp on one end.  Picks include:  JCM monogram; Heartbreak;  Continuum;  Local-83 Listeners’ Union (vintage);  and JMMA Group (vintage, on a camouflage background with JM in silhouette on the opposite side).  Also, one small B&R sticker and two B&R-inspired, one-size-fits-all “hempie” bracelets.

Package 6:

Two tour posters, one JM tortoiseshell bracelet, and one package of Battle Studies silly bandz.

Package 7:

This one-of-a-kind JM/Project One Million jewelry set:

Monogram pick necklace, 20” long, made from teal, green, purple, white, silver, and black glass beads in a random pattern on sterling crinkle wire, finished with a silvertone toggle clasp on the side. Matching bracelet made with several hoops of memory wire. One pair of sterling silver “universal” leverback wires, with four interchangeable earrings: broken heart guitar picks with purple glass

bead accents, JCM monogram picks with teal glass bead accents, glass and crystal bead dangles to match the set, and glass/metal bead dangles bearing The Isaac Foundation’s slogan, “Hope.”


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