donated $705 to Project One Million during our “JM Birthday Week” Raffle.

But of course I am disqualified, so there are 14 people entered into each raffle, to win 8 packages.  Each person gets one chance in every package for EACH $35 donation they made. 

One generous person donated $140 and has 4 chances in each package drawing.  A few people gave $70-$75, and have 2 chances in each package.  All of the other donors have a better than “1 in 20” chance of winning each package, since I am disqualified.  Winning multiple packages is very possible, since winning one package does not exclude you from winning any of the others.

Them’s pretty good odds, no matter how you look at it.  These raffle packages are ALL wonderful and have been thoughtfully donated by many JM fans.  Some did a little, some did a lot… but ALL contributors were important to the grand scheme. 

The tour posters are gorgeous, and I have six similar ones framed and displayed in my home… so I can attest to how great they look on a wall.  The jewelry is very special and one-of-a-kind, and I’ve had offers of $100 for some of it.  The fleece blanket is perfect for long flights… mine is well-traveled.  The SRV/Albert King CD/DVD set is amazing… so great that I gave one to my husband as an early birthday present and he can’t stop listening to it.  He fell in love with the SRV mouse pad too, so I guess I’ll be ordering one of those for him soon.  And then of course who doesn’t want a great Mayer t-shirt or a copy of AGT? 

What I’m trying to say is that even though the grand prize here is the Tour Jacket, all the other stuff is pretty great too.  A lot of hard work by the Street Team went into deciding what to offer, and when, and the end result was that everything worked just the way we hoped it would.  We had a specific goal, and we achieved it.  End of story.

When the raffle ends tonight, there will be quite a bit of behind-the-scenes administrative stuff to do, and then the winners will be announced sometime over the weekend, as soon as we’re able. 

The raffle gifts will take a week or so to actually get out to all the winners.  We are just as careful with that process as we have been with all our other decisions. We carefully wrap everything in our “signature” wrapping, and make sure anything that’s fragile is well protected with bubble wrap.  And to date, every single bit of our packaging material has been recycled; we truly try to re-use EVERYTHING.  We also put tracking info on each package, and the Tour Jacket will also be insured.

Finally, we are running low on our special recycled holiday gift tags, but we are going to make every attempt to send some to EVERY donor.  If they are not included with your raffle winnings, you can expect them under separate cover.

We’re heading into the last 7 hours of the raffle, and we welcome more participants.  Good luck to all who have entered; may the Mayer force be with you all!!

The Heart of Life is Great!  <3

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