Congratulations to the following donors for winning our February raffle packages!  They will be sent out very soon!

EVERYONE who donated to our fundraiser will receive a complimentary package of beautiful gift tags created by Street Team members from around the world.  Look for a small package coming soon from our “central distribution center” in Tennessee!!  ;)

Once again, thank you for supporting our efforts to help The Isaac Foundation’s “Project One Million”!!


“Cheeks a Shade of Pink”:  Chanda P.

“The Black One”:  Linda D.

“Baby John”:  Brenda R.

“The Blues”:  Linda D.

“Lover of Rainbows”:  Mimi H.

“Isaac and Gabe”:  Linda M.

“Tours to Remember”:  Karen K.

“Peace, Love, and Rock & Roll”:  Karen M.


Disclaimer:  We are only FANS of John Mayer and The Isaac Foundation, and we are not formally affiliated with either.  We are not JM’s official street team.  John does not donate merchandise to our raffles, and he does not participate in them in any way.  All merchandise that we raffle, as well as the costs associated with our activities, are donated by very generous John Mayer FANS.

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