Donate THREE DOLLARS to @isaacfoundation (Yes, that’s $3!!!!) from now until Monday morning at 9:00 a.m. ET and receive ONE CHANCE to win THIS PACKAGE with “leftover” raffle items:

* One Heartbreak Scarf!!

* One Beach Glass Sun Catcher

* One “Free Bird” Sun Catcher

* One “Tone” Fridge Magnet (a knob from a JM Fender Strat)

* Two black square knot bracelets with the initials “J” and “M” in rhinestones

These items are already packaged up and ready to be shipped out on Monday with the other raffle winnings!!!

One chance per person!  EVERYBODY has an equal chance of winning this one!!!

Donate $3 at:

*Notify us that you donated at:

*(Only the winner will be required to show an official receipt.  In the event that the winner is unable to produce a receipt, another winner will be chosen.)


Disclaimer:  We are only FANS of John Mayer and The Isaac Foundation, and we have no formal affiliation with either.  We are not John’s official street team.  JM does not donate merchandise to us, nor does he participate in our raffles in any way.  All merchandise has been donated by John Mayer FANS.

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